The Empowerment Zone (EZ) Loan Fund (“EZLF”)

Eligible Businesses

For profit companies, including partnerships, proprietorships, LLC and qualified start- ups, specifically for eligible projects as described below.

Loan Amounts

80% of a qualified project’s cost, up to $200,000.00

Financing Structure

80% EZLF and 20% borrower equity


Up to 10 years based upon repayment ability


Up to 2% above the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate at the time of contact

Job Creation

1 job for an EZ zip codes resident for every $65,000 borrowed


The BOEDC Board must approve financing

Eligible Projects

Varies, subject to above-referenced BOEDC Board approval, but generally for the purchase of machinery and equipment, and/or facility improvements.


Liens on equipment and machinery (and on other assets in some cases); lease assignments; and personal and corporate guarantees



2% Processing Fee (1/2 due at signing of commitment, ½ due at closing)

BOEDC and The Bronx Borough President’s Office are committed to addressing the small business financial recovery needs of our borough.

Businesses and nonprofits interested in applying for emergency financing should contact a BOEDC representative below

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